4 Augmented Reality Use Cases that Increase Productivity and Reduce Costs

What are the Augmented Reality Use Cases that can boost worker effectiveness?

Visionaries 777 is continually identifying new ways to leverage Augmented Reality to solve common manufacturing challenges. AR technology, including Mixed Reality, connects employees to the digital world, improving productivity, efficiency and safety in the workplace, transforming the way workers accomplish complex tasks.

1. AR for Logistics

Through our work, we’ve identified ways to use it to address some of the challenges associated with picking parts. Our solution replaces the kitting by paper list approach, highly mentally demanding and error-prone task by using Smart Glasses, in this case the Lenovo A6 ThinkReality. Using persistent tracking, the solution localizes pick-up locations and drop-off areas in real-time. The key benefit of this Mixed Reality Kitting assistant is to provide hands-free instructions allowing the user to quickly and easily complete each task.

2. AR and IoT for Work Instructions

AR can be used to guide technicians through inspection procedures and step-by-step instructions on how to repair an asset. Once combined with IoT, relevant information can also be provided remotely at the right place without setting foot on the production floor. Here is an example we worked on together with PTC for Rockwell Automation. The solution consists of a Predictive Maintenance tool with the purpose of enabling a service technician to quickly assess the system status (IoT data display) and then implement a service procedure (AR Work Instructions) to reduce unscheduled down time.

3. AR-Based Preventive Maintenance

Looking for a more consistent way to perform your Preventive Maintenance plan? We developed AR PM, a PM solution leveraging AR and powered by Insider Navigation. Create location-based digital checklists for equipment inspections, facility walkthroughs and other Preventive Maintenance assignment by leveraging Augmented Reality. Replace your paper spreadsheets by AR checklists to easily manage all inspections work and automatically collect data for future improvement efforts.

4. Real Time Quality Checks with AR

Despite the constant progress of automation in industrial production, including quality control, it is still necessary to professionally monitor the quality of a given product via visual inspection. In order to modernize, optimize and unify this process, AR can be leveraged. In this use case developed for Polaris with PTC, operators are guided through each step of the quality control process to assist workers and reduce errors.



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