AR PM in a Nutshell

A paperless approach to PM

Replace your paper spreadsheets by AR checklists for routine inspections, safety checks, and standard maintenance activities.

  • Time, energy and resources are saved by cutting out manual processing steps
  • Data can be accessed by multiple people from any location
  • The risks of losing important documents are less when information is kept in cloud
  • Real time insights. Explore inspection data with visual analytics


Location-based Inspection

Checklists are pinned to physical assets and only available once the inspection location is reached avoiding fraudulent reports.

  • The checklist is only available once the inspector reaches inspection location
  • Staff login to easily assign routes and keep track of the inspector activities
  • Inspection time and duration for each route and item is saved
  • Gamification of the preventive maintenance process


Improving Knowledge Transfer

Guide staff through the entire inspection routines in AR and maximize your preventive maintenance activities.

  • Guide inspector through the entire inspection routine
  • Schedule, manage and assign inspection routes
  • Optimize the productivity of the inspector and improve the inspections quality
  • Enables less experienced technicians to solve more complex tasks and reduce training costs



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