How to Create Preventive Maintenance Checklist in AR PM

A Preventive Maintenance checklist or inspection checklist is a set of written tasks that guide inspectors through a PM before it can be closed. This guide takes you step-by-step through setting up checklists in AR PM.

Create Preventive Maintenance Checklists in AR PM

1) Login to your AR PM backend, click “MANAGE” from the left panel and select “Checklists”

2) Click on “Create new checklist”

Create Preventive Maintenance Checklist

3) Enter your checklist name

4) Click on the 2 dots to add a translation if needed

Create Preventive Maintenance Checklist with AR PM

5) Enable “Include comment field” if you want to let inspectors to add comments

6) Enable “Include rating field” if you want to let inspectors to rate the item from 1 to 5 stars

7) Enable “Allow photo capturing” if you want to let inspectors to attach a photo to a task

8) Enable “Allow to show status (Pass/Fail)” if you want to let inspectors to see the checklist result

Here is how those 4 options appear will appear in the AR PM app respectively:

Preventive Maintenance Checklist with AR PM App

9) Click “Add task” to create a task

10) Enter your task name

11) Select a checklist option. “One(E.g. Tick)” is the default option

12) “Two(E.g. Tick/Cross)” can be used when 2 inpsection options are possible, for example yes or no

13) “Input field” can be used for meter readings

14) “Dropdown” can be used to create a selection menu

15) Enter your options separated with commas in the “Preview” field. For example: Half,Low,Full

Here is how the different checklist options appear in the AR PM app:

16) A task can be reorganized by dragging it using the 6 dots icon

17) Once your checklist is ready, click on “Save”.¬†Repeat this process for each item you want to create

18) Checklist can be edited, duplicated or deleted using the 3 dots button

Once a checklist is created you can attach it to an item. Here is how to create items in AR PM.



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