How to Set Up Your First Preventive Maintenance Items in AR PM

Preventive Maintenance items are AR pin placed in the persistent AR coordinate system. Once you have set up your Preventive Maintenance checklists, you can pin them to physical items and assets. For that you need to create items.

There are 2 ways to create items, either directly in AR by using the AR PM app (Method A) or by entering manually the spatial coordinates of each item (Method B).

Method A: Using the AR PM app to set up Preventive Maintenance Items

1) Open the AR PM app, login and choose “Admin”

Preventive Maintenance Items

2) Go physically to the asset you want to pin. Stand next to the asset and tap on the + icon in the middle of the screen

Set up Preventive Maintenance Items

3) Select a checklist

4) Input your item name

5) If necessary, adjust the item coordinates by dragging its axis

6) Tap on “Save” to confirm and repeat for each item you want to create

7) Once all your items have been created, tap on “Review items”

8) Review the item list

9) Tap on “Upload” to send all your items to the backend. Note: Connection is required during the upload

Method B: Entering manually the spatial coordinates

Important note: you can only use this method if you have access to the Insider Navigation backend.

1) Login to your Insider Navigation backend, select your building and click on Markers

2) Move your mouse cursor to the floor plan where you want your item to be placed

3) Write down the X and Y coordinates

4) In the AR PM backend, click “MANAGE” from the left panel and select “Items”

5) Click on “Add new item”

6) Choose a checklist

7) Input your item name

8) Enter your X and Y coordinates. Z is for the height, for example enter 1.2 if you want the height to be 1.2 meters. For floors other than the ground floor don’t forget to add the floor height (ex: if the 6th Floor starts at 20.52 meters your item Z should be 20.52+1.2=21.72 meters)

9) Click on “Save”. Your item is now added to the AR PM backend. Repeat this process for each item you want to create



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