How to Create Preventive Maintenance Plan (Routes) in AR PM

A Preventive Maintenance Plan (or we call it as Route here) is a program that consists a list of Items that need to be inspected in a specific order, by a chosen Inspector, at a predefined time. Once inspected, each route will help you maintaining accurate records of every inspection Checklist, as well as knowing the lifespan of each part to understand the replacement frequency.

Creating a Preventive Maintenance Plan: Setting up a new route

1) Login to your AR PM backend, click “MANAGE” from the left panel and select “Routes”

2) Click on “Create new route”

Preventive Maintenance Plan

3) Enter your route name

4) Assign inspectors

5) Select the route type:

    • All-Day Recurring Route: meaning the route is always active and can be inspected at anytime 24/7
    • Scheduled Route: The route is only active during the predefined time range


6) If you choose “Scheduled Route”, you need to set the starting date, time, length, early/late start (i.e. the operator can start 5 minutes earlier or later than the scheduled time) and repeat frequency

7) Optional: add the tools required during the route

8) Check the items you want to include to your route

9) You can filter items by Checklist, Group and Floor

10) The route starts from top to bottom, you can set the floor order to “Descending” or “Ascending”

11) Each item can be reorganized by dragging it using the 3 dots icon

12) Once your route is ready, click on “Create new route”. Repeat this process for each route you want to create

Testing a route

1) Open the AR PM app, login and choose “Inspector”

2) Tap on the “Routes” button

3) When a route is due, it is highlighted in orange. Tap on the route and confirm your selection

4) The route is now started and you can review the assigned tasks by tapping on the Tasks List button



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