What are the Main Types of Maintenance Strategy? Preventive vs Predictive vs Reactive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance Strategy The most common type of maintenance strategy: Preventative Maintenance, also spelled Preventative Maintenance, refers to scheduled, routine maintenance to help keep equipment up and running and reduces unscheduled downtime and major repairs. The direct benefits of Preventive Maintenance can be summarized as follow: • Prolonged life of equipment and assets • Reduced […]

AR PM in a Nutshell

A paperless approach to PM Replace your paper spreadsheets by AR checklists for routine inspections, safety checks, and standard maintenance activities. Time, energy and resources are saved by cutting out manual processing steps Data can be accessed by multiple people from any location The risks of losing important documents are less when information is kept […]

4 Augmented Reality Use Cases that Increase Productivity and Reduce Costs

What are the Augmented Reality Use Cases that can boost worker effectiveness? Visionaries 777 is continually identifying new ways to leverage Augmented Reality to solve common manufacturing challenges. AR technology, including Mixed Reality, connects employees to the digital world, improving productivity, efficiency and safety in the workplace, transforming the way workers accomplish complex tasks. 1. […]



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